Orange County/Long Beach Consortium

The name of this organization is the Orange County/Long Beach (OC/LB) Consortium and membership for this organization consists of hospital, schools, and independent members in Orange and Long Beach counties. The philosophy of the Consortium is to provide broad educational opportunities for nurses/students through cooperative planning. The Consortium affirms our continuing commitment to career mobility education and supports image building and policy-making for nursing at the local, state, and national level through the collaborative efforts of nursing education and service (2014-2015 OC/LB Consortium for Nursing By-Laws).

The goal of the Consortium is to provide a forum for study, discussion, cooperative planning, and recommendations on nursing issues with respect to education, service, and professionalism. The Consortium strives to be an influence in the community through evidence-based research, open discussion, and support of practices essential to quality health care.

OCLB Letter Recruitment 2017-18

OCLB Letter to Facilities 2017-18

2018-2019 Board Members

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  • Chair - Becky Krell, Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)
  • Chair-Elect - Dina Neeman, Concordia University
  • Treasurer - Shelby Graham, Concordia University
  • Secretary - Betty McPeak, North Orange County Regional Occupational Program
  • Clinical Facilities Coordinator - Marissa Sherb, California State University, Fullerton